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Getting Across to Get it Done: A System for Effective Managerial (περιλαμβάνεται CD)

Getting Across to Get it Done: A System for Effective Managerial (περιλαμβάνεται CD)
Getting Across to Get it Done: A System for Effective Managerial (περιλαμβάνεται CD)
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ISBN: 978-618-81499-8-4

Έτος: 2017

Αρ. Σελίδων: 

Interaction with superiors, peers and subordinates constitutes one of every manager’s most important functions. A managerial interaction is effective when it leads to informed and feasible decisions and to their effective implementation. Contrary to prevalent managerial practice which focuses on policies and targets (the WHAT), the author’s long experience indicates that, often WHAT-focused interactions fail to reach feasible decisions that are implemented effectively. This happens mainly because the mindset of the participants neglects the process the HOW these interactions are being conducted with. In fact, ineffective managerial interaction and the messiness that ensues, is one of the most frequent causes of wastage of means and skills and of overall inefficiency in companies.

In order to establish Effective Managerial Interaction (EMI), managers must find ways to bridge over the gaps caused by differences with and among their interactants. The gaps that need to be bridged can be in values, priorities, concerns, expectations and practices as well as in private agendas. Also, they can be gaps in basic assumptions, perceptions, working habits and other personal constraints.

Unless these gaps are bridged, promising policies, plans and decisions cannot be implemented effectively and consequently failures ensue.

This is a practical, hands-on book for managers including the hundreds of graduates of the author’s course “Establishing and Sustaining Effective Managerial Interaction (EMI)” which he has been conducting at the International MBA Program Athens University of Economics and Business.

A detailed Guide to help readers implement the EMI system is included containing specific guidelines, exercises in awareness of the impact of own and of interactants’ verbal and non verbal interactive behaviours, bibliography, as well as on-going sources and databanks.



Prologue by Professor George Ioannou, Director of the MBA International Program, Athens University of Economics and Business



The Frustrations

Ineffective management

Reversing ineffective management

The Mindset of Mutuality

Exhibit: the Components of EMI

Interdependence and Mutuality

Respecting the value of everyone’s contributions

Guidelines for promoting interdependence and mutuality


Awareness of Self

Be aware of your verbal and non-verbal behaviors

Be aware of and avoid denial

Guidelines for harnessing your self-awareness

The Power of Patience: distinguish between patience and procrastination

Take your emotional temperature

How to replace negative emotions with positive ones

Be aware of how you react to others’ emotions

Guidelines for capitalising on your awareness of your emotions



Authenticity: it is usually not what you think it is

Authenticity is an inner compass, not an inherent quality

Guidelines for expressing authenticity

Discover and honour your authentic self


Awareness of other people

Grasp what motivates other people

Pride and Pocket


Understanding someone else’s Inner Logic

Guidelines for Awareness of Other People

Beware of the multiple meanings of “silences”

Handling incivility


Building bridges

You need a different bridge for every river

Is bridging always possible?

Guidelines for building bridges



What alignment is and does

Why is alignment so powerful?

What alignment isn’t and doesn’t

Guidelines for creating alignment


Accountability and Trust


Guidelines for accountability and building trust



Effective interactions – putting it all together

Exhibit: The Archway of the How of EMI

Mutuality and Interdependence

The “What” and the “How”

The Three phases of managerial interactions

The Four Stages of Conducting

Setting a Positive Tone and Creating Momentum

Intriguing Participants

Engaging Participants

Committing Participants

The Modes

Navigating the sea of guidelines

The sieving process

Interacting with your superiors

Interacting with your subordinates

Representative interactions

Interacting with your peers


Working Out How You are Doing

EMI Self-Assessment Tools


Moving forward with a Mindset of Mutuality Concluding Remarks

Table of Examples given in the book

Note: examples are printed in a distinctive font in order for readers to be able to distinguish them easilySupplementary CD: Guide to A System for Establishing and Sustaining Effective Managerial Interaction (EMI) [mentioned throughout the book as the “Guide to EMI”]

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