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The Art of Drafting Business Documents

The Art of Drafting Business Documents
The Art of Drafting Business Documents
  • Διαθεσιμότητα: Διαθέσιμο
  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: 0002


Τίτλος:The Art of Drafting Business Documents
Συγγραφέας:Καραγκούνη Κλεονίκη - Κέλλυ
ISBN, EAN-13:978-618-83313-2-7
Κωδικός Ευδόξου:77119351
Σχήμα:17 εκ. πλάτος * 21 εκ. ύψος

Communication between individuals within and outside organizations serves the provision of information concerning the proper execution of a task, the in-depth analysis of problems that can help people make better decisions, the creation of a positive climate between individuals resulting in the acceptance of personal and professional goals. Business communication involves discussion and exchange of views without the use of power that derives from position within the organization. Most importantly communication leads to harmonious relationships and improves employee performance in numerous ways.

This book is written for students attending business schools and aims at introducing them to the principles governing the proper and eloquent drafting of various business documents. It has been designed to serve primarily the needs of the Business Communication & Commercial Correspondence module run by the Athens University of Economics & Business, i.e. 5th semester audiences to facilitate their understanding of the content, structure and organization of messages in their work environment and improve their written skills by drafting numerous documents that are essential in business.

In addition, it is designed to serve a variety of Business English audiences and cover a range of different business interests.

Human Relations and the practicing Business Writer

Intentions of A Writer in A Business Environment

The Fine Art of Message Design

Format - Stationary - Parts of A Letter

Inquiries / Requests


Payment - Collection and Request Letters

Acceptance, Refusal & Acknowledgment Letters

The Sales Letter as a Type of Advertising

International Banking, Accounts,

Credit and Documentary Credits

Electronic Mail

Employment Communication

Interoffice Memoranda


Business Proposals

Miscellaneous Business Relations Correspondence


Works Consulted

ISBN: 978-618-83313-2-7

Έτος: 2018

Αρ. Σελίδων:  112

Συγγραφέας: Καραγκούνη Κέλλυ

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